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ICMS Training via an INTERNET “WebEx"

Note From IMWG

We are all facing a situation that we only know from exercises or films. Even I could never have imagined that we were on the way to a complete shutdown in Germany.

Assuming that there will be no Face to Face meeting in 2020 we look for alternatives.

In order to prepare for any upcoming USAR Mission, IMWG has started to distribute the ICMS user licenses to the teams during the past few weeks.

Over 80% of the teams have received access to their ICMS training accounts already. In addition, we published the ICMS Handbooks as well.

Now we need to start training sessions on the new system. An earthquake can happen at any time, as we have seen during the past weeks.

With thanks, we have already received the "COVID-19 USAR OPERATIONAL GUIDANCE NOTE".

IMWG would like to take the next step and offer training on ICMS via an INTERNET “MS Teams”. We thought we would split it into two parts.

1.) The Basics (Team related approx..3 hours)

            Short pptx, 30 minutes max.

            Life demo how to install and set up the apps (Survey123 and ESRI Explorer)

            Collecting data via different devices (Smartphone, Tablet, Laptops, PC)

            The “Dashboard”

            Q&A session


2.) Advanced (More related to RDC and UCC members, approx. 2 hours)

            Sectorization, Event Boarder

The Dashboard in more details

            Tasking of teams

            Q&A session

We did already successfully a first training with the staff of ERS via “MS Teams”

The first IMWG ICMS training will be organized the Week after Easter. The exact date will soon be published at 

We are open to requests and suggestions.


Postponed _ June IEC/R Training in The Netherlands

The IEC/R Training planned to take place in the Netherlands in June 2020 will be postponed at the request of Host and Organizers due to the current pandemic situation.

COVID-19 USAR Operational Guidance Note (Eng, Fr, Sp, Ar, It, Ru)

Dear Colleagues,

The United States FEMA National USAR Response System recently developed a guidance note to advise teams on national response protocols. The team of Mr. Fred Endrikat, Chief of FEMA's USAR Branch, Dr. Anthony Macintyre and Mr. Dewey Perks, our respective Medical and Training Working Group Chairs, have taken the FEMA version and adapted it to be applicable for the INSARAG global network. 

We like to put on record our sincere thanks and gratitude to the drafting of the document by the United States colleagues for the benefit of the international community.

We would also thank Mexico, Colombia, France, Italy, United Arab Emirates  and Russia for the Spanish, French, Arabic, Italian and Russian translations

To get access to all versions, please click on the following link:


Chers collègues,

Le système USAR de réponse nationale de la FEMA des Etats-Unis a récemment élaboré une note d’orientation afin de conseiller les équipes sur les protocoles de réponse nationaux. L’équipe de M. Fred Endrikat, chef de la branche USAR de la FEMA, le Dr. Anthony Macintyre ainsi jlque M. Dewey Perks, respectivement les présidents des groupes de travail médical et de formation, se sont appropriés le document de la FEMA et l’ont adapté au réseau mondial INSARAG.

Nous tenons à faire part de nos remerciements et de notre gratitude envers nos collègues aux Etats-Unis pour la rédaction de ce document, profitant à la communauté internationale dans son intégralité.

Nous remercions également le Mexique, la Colombie,  la France, l'italie,  les Emirats Arabes Unis et la Russie  pour les traductions en espagnol,  français, Italien, arabe et Russe.

Pour accéder à toutes les versions, veuillez cliquer sur le lien suivant:


Estimados colegas,

El Sistema de Respuesta USAR Nacional de FEMA de los Estados Unidos desarrolló recientemente una nota de orientación para aconsejar a los equipos sobre los protocolos de respuesta nacional. El equipo del Sr. Fred Endrikat, Jefe de la División USAR de FEMA, el Dr. Anthony Macintyre y el Sr. Dewey Perks, nuestros respectivos Presidentes de los Grupos de Trabajo Médico y de formación, tomaron la versión de FEMA y la adaptaron para que sea aplicable a la red global de INSARAG.

Queremos dejar constancia de nuestro sincero agradecimiento a los colegas de los Estados Unidos, por la redacción del documento, en beneficio de la comunidad internacional.

Igualmente agradecemos a México, Colombia, Francia, Italia y Emiratos Arabes Unidos y Rusia por las traducciones al español, al francés, al italiano, al arabe y al Ruso.

Para acceder a todas las versiones, por favor, haga clic en este enlace:


Feedback on INSARAG operations and activities_Covid-19

The Secretariat in consultation with the Global Chair conducted business continuity survey on INSARAG classified teams availability to respond in a major sudden onset disaster requiring international assistance last week.

The results attached are an initial indication and will change accordingly as the current pandemic situation evolves.

Survey on Feedback on INSARAG operations and activities_Covid-19Feedback on INSARAG operations and activities_Covid-19

If you wish to change  your country team status, please email Marie at: