THW Germany and the Italian Civil protection are hosting the third USAR Structural Engineering Course in Poggioreale, Sicily from May 12th to 17th 2019.

The course is open only for engineers from classified USAR Teams or those will undergo IEC or NAP soon! As seats are limited and in the last two courses the majority of participants was coming from the AEME region, we will give priority to engineers from America and the Asia-Pacific region!

The course is a mix of lectures from experienced engineers about missions, engineering challenges and specific topics like “Shoring of heritage buildings”, Break-out sessions on engineering themes and a full day ASR2 exercise in the old city of Poggioreale that was destroyed in 1968 by an earthquake.

Please look in the VO for the training section and register soon.

For additional clarification, please contact Mr Peter Goxharaj at

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