Global Meeting


Message from: Jesper Holmer Lund

Secretary of INSARAG

and Chief FCSS, OCHA Geneva

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

The international and national urban search and rescue (USAR) community gathered for the second INSARAG global meeting and 25th anniversary of the International Search and Rescue Advisory Group (INSARAG) in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE), from 18 to 19 October 2015, back-to-back with the three Working Groups Meetings, USAR Team Leaders Meeting and three Regional Groups Meetings on 20 October - the largest INSARAG gathering in history !  

313 participants from 94 countries and organisations and more than 200 participants from the Abu Dhabi Police attended the meeting, leading to the 'INSARAG Abu Dhabi declaration', INSARAG's input to the World Humanitarian Summit in 2016.

As the UN Secretary-General said in his message on this occasion, " As INSARAG celebrates 25 years, you should all be proud of the success this community has achieved...The ability of the network to span continents and cultures is a testament to the commitment of its members and a model of best practice for the humanitarian community" 

In the past week, I have received nothing but positive comments. As such, there is no doubt that we fully met our objectives for the series of INSARAG meetings. This astounding success surpassed all expectations, and I thank each and every one of you who contributed time, effort and commitment to making the week of INSARAG meetings in Abu Dhabi a historic and memorable event. Allow me to salute and thank again, all of you who made it possible.  

By coming together, we have shown the humanitarian community that INSARAG remains a highly relevant network and can be called upon to deliver value added life-saving assistance based on agreed standards and will continue to improve our response to be "Fit for the Future". 

Finally, we are very grateful to the UAE, the Ministry of Interior of the UAE, for hosting this event, UN and international/regional organizations and other entities that contributed. 

Please find the session presentations in the links below for the Team Leaders and Global Meetings.

Best regards,


Global Meeting Chariman's Summary

Global Meeting presentations

Abu Dhabi Declaration in English

Abu Dhabi Declaration in French

Abu Dhabi Declaration in Spanish

Abu Dhabi Declaration in Chinese

Abu Dhabi Declaration in Arabic

Group photos

Team Leaders Meeting




The first-ever INSARAG Global Meeting was hosted by the Government of Japan and co-organized by the United Nations OCHA as the INSARAG Secretariat in Kobe, Japan from 14-16 September 2010 to commence celebrations of INSARAG's forthcoming 20th anniversary. The meeting had a comprehensive agenda and was attended by 188 international participants from 77 countries and organizations along with over 37 observers from Japan. 20 organisations also exhibited their capabilities.

Greetings from the Secretary-General together with a video message from Ms Valerie Amos, Under-Secretary General for OCHA were warmly welcomed by the participants. The Secretary-General said INSARAG had "come a long way" since it was founded in 1991, and he welcomed its efforts to promote greater professionalism and coordination. "There is great scope for sharing lessons learnt and using modern technology to provide even more effective support to affected communities and governments."

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An important outcome of the INSARAG Global Meeting was the creation of the INSARAG Hyogo Declaration (EnglishFrench) with recommendations on "recognition and strengthening of international urban search and rescue operational standards" which was unanimously agreed upon by all participating countries. The giant copy of the declaration signed by all the meeting participants was handed over to the Governor of Hyogo, to be displayed at the Earthquake Museum in Kobe, Japan.

Photo INSARAG Hyogo Declaration at the Museum-1

Photo INSARAG Hyogo Declaration at the Museum-2

2010 INSARAG Global Meeting Chairman Summary (ArabicEnglish,French)



Three INSARAG Regional Groups meet annually to plan regional activities and to keep abreast of USAR related issues. With the recommendations of INSARAG Regional Meetings and the endorsement of the INSARAG Steering Group, the INSARAG community felt that there was a need for greater interaction between three INSARAG Regional Groups and therefore decided to hold a global INSARAG meeting every 5 years. This global event is a unique opportunity designed to bring all member countries together from across all INSARAG regions.