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INSARAG Working Groups Chairs, ISG 2020

Meeting of the INSARAG working group chairs. Great hard work to all members!

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Turkey Earthquake 24 January 2020


On Friday 24 January at 17:55h UTC (20:55 local time), an earthquake magnitude M6.7, 10 depth, has stricken Turkey with epicenter in Sivrice district, coordinates: 38° 22’39’’ 39°06’15’’ in Elazig region.

ERS duty system was activated and contacted the Disaster and Emergency Management Authority under the Turkish Ministry of Interior (AFAD), who initially reported 3 casualties and some collapsed structures (5 buildings). AFAD sent military support and Turkish aid organizations sent teams to the affected area and the Turkish Minister of Interior, Suleyman Soylu placed the incident at the level 3 of the country emergency response plan (level 4 will require international assistance). This means that the emergency requires assistance only at national level. However, over 20 Search & Rescue International teams were monitoring in the VOSOCC, including EMTs from Qatar, Jordan, Azerbaijan, China, NATO ERCC, etc.

Turkish national response plan seems relatively well applied and sufficient domestic capacity NFIs and food items were deployed as well as enough medical capacity.

AFAD and the Search & Rescue Teams (AKUT) are now posting information on the VOSOCC and ERS keeps monitoring the situation and remain on stand-by should the situation change. 

Latest official figures report 14 casualties, 225 wounded and 30 victims have been located under the rubble. Fires are under control, teams from AFAD, AKUT National Medical Rescue, local fire brigades and municipal team are on the ground operating. The government has also deployed beds and shelters to the disaster area.


Information received from the Turkish Focal Point on rescue effort in Elazig: 

Cumulative numbers:

- Total number of deceased: 41

- Total number of extricated live victims: 45

- Total number of wounded: 1607

- Total number of outpatient treatments: 1523

- Total number of wounded currently in hospital: 84

- Total number of wounded currently in ICUs: 16

AKUT numbers:

- Total number of extricated live victims: 3

- Total number of extricated deceased victims: 7

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IMPORTANT _ INSARAG Guidelines Version 2.0 for comments

The Guidelines should peruse through the attached Cover Note to gain a summarized understanding of the changes to the Guidelines. In particular, it should be noted that, as endorsed during ISG 2019, all forms/checklists and certain annexes will be moved to under the Guidance Notes and Technical Reference Library. Discussions on how the documents would be referenced from the Guidelines and featured in the website are still ongoing and would be shared during the ISG 2020 meeting.

Click on the following link to get all INSARAG Guidelines:

1) Cover Note 

2) INSARAG Guidelines_Vol I_Policy

3) INSARAG Guidelines_Vol II_Man A

4) INSARAG Guidelines_Vol II_Man B

5) INSARAG Guidelines_Vol II_Man C

6) INSARAG Guidelines_Vol III




IMWG News 2020

Dear INSARAG USAR community

During the Team Leader Meeting in Chile we promised to start the delivery of the Survey123 License soon. Sorry It took a little longer, but now we are ready to distribute the License.

Teams undergoing there IEC/R soon, get there username and Password within a view days. Now we will start with the classified, or in classification process INSARAG teams. Please send an email to ( Here will collect all requests and take care that IMWG will get them.

In order to create your Account we need from your site please:

Contact Name:


Team Name:

Type of classification:



French PUI Team response to the floods in Djibouti

Following intense rains that caused major floods in the city of Djibouti, and at the request of the Director General of the Djibouti police, POMPIERS DE L’URGENCE INTERNATIONALE (PUI FRA-1) has deployed a technical and operational support team of the DG police to help to :
-the coordination of operations with the Director General of the Djibouti National Police, the National Office for Water and Sanitation, and the Head of Sanitation (EGAL), and fire service,
-the creation of a map of the different networks and sensitive points, and flood area,
-the installation in DJIBOUTI Town of several pumping means from 60 to 300 m3/hour,
-the maintenance operations on several pumping means in order to have a maximum capacity,
-to resolve the problem of the silting up of the network and unhealthy waters,

The situation is in progress and better with the system of pumping, but new rains are attended in few days and the situation could be less positive.

A coordination meeting was also held with IOM DJIBOUTI; a training project in crisis management and inter-service exercise after the crisis is requested by the police DG.

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