At the annual INSARAG Steering Group Meeting (ISG) in 2017, the group directed the Secretariat to initiate the establishment of the INSARAG Kobo Working Group (KWG) with clear terms of reference and to request INSARAG regional groups to nominate suitable members. Following the call for nomination, the KWG was established with the following composition below

2017 08 14 134517


The larger group would facilitate effective taskings and coverage in the operational implementation phase of KoBo in actual disaster response. The KWG’s primary objective as stated in the ToRs, will oversee the ongoing implementation and operationalisation of the KoBo Toolbox in trainings and in actual field operations. The KWG will develop jointly with OCHA and Technical Partners, a manual that includes guidance for Information Management, at USAR team management and UCC levels, and activation protocols for actual disaster response. Furthermore, the KWG will also develop the 5 criteria for the IEC/R checklist 2018.

The first KWG WEBEX Meeting was held last 29 June 2017 CEST and was fully attended by all the members of the working group