The list of approved members for the GRG from 2018 to 2020

GRG WG Romania

Co-Chair of GRG, Mr. David Sochor and Mr. Anwar Abdullah

Name Country Region Position Email address
David Sochor Switzerland  AEME Co-Chair 
Anwar Abdullah Singapore AP Co-Chair 
Sebastian Mocarquer Chile Americas Member 
Silvia Ballen Colombia Americas Member 
Johnny Ramírez Zumbado Costa Rica Americas Member
Paul Bailey Australia AP Member 
Paul Burns New Zealand AP Member Burns, Paul 
Chen Hong China AP Member chenhongicd 
Mohammed Saudi AEME Member 
Firas Falah Obaid Abu Al Sondos Jordan AEME Member,
Olga Proshina Russia AEME Member Olga Proshina 
Samghouli Soufian  Morocco  AEME Member 
Belit Tasdemir Turkey AEME Member 
Martin Evers Netherlands  AEME Member 


  • The GRG 2020 also apprised the TLs on the overall plan and current status of work. 

In the breakout session, the GRG 2020 will engage the TLs on the matter of the Technical Guidance Reference Library/Best Practice. Regular engagement and close coordination with the INSARAG Working Groups is imperative to the achievement of the objective of a comprehensive reviewed Guidelines.  The outcome of this engagement will be captured in the chairman’s summary and be shared with the INSARAG Network.