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Guidelines Review Group Meeting, Singapore 12-14 June 2019

The INSARAG Guidelines Review Group(GRG) Meeting hosted by the Co-Chair, Singapore, is taking place this week with 15 expert participants from 11 countries representing the Americas, Africa, Europe, the Middle-East, and the Asia-Pacific regional groups. The INSARAG Steering Group as directed the GRG to conduct the 5 yearly extensive review and consultations with the global network for a version 2020-25, and to be launched at the 30th Anniversary of INSARAG in Warsaw, Poland in October 2020.

The INSARAG Guidelines are the cornerstone of the globally accepted global standards as endorsed by UN GA 57/150 of 16 December 2002 and guides member countries on urban seach and rescue(USAR) preparedness and response arrangements.  

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ICCROM course on First Aid to Cultural Heritage

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Would you like to ensure effective disaster risk management for cultural heritage and help to build resilience in your own context? First Aid to Cultural Heritage in Times of Crisis (FAC) 2019 offers a unique opportunity to learn and practice. The course is open to disaster risk management specialists, emergency responders, humanitarian aid and cultural heritage professionals and military personnel . Application deadline: June 21, 2019

For the application form and further details, click on the link below:


INSARAG in Portugal

At the invitation of the WHO EMT Secretariat, the INSARAG Secretariat in RPS is this week participating in the EMT verification exercise of the Portuguese Medical Type 1 team for international response in accordance to globally accepted standards. A peer group of technical experts from 7 member countries participated in a vigorous and successful verification exercise. 

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INSARAG meetings with Chinese, Malaysian and Turkish delegations


Within the margins of Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction, which took place from 13 to 17 May in Geneva, the INSARAG Secretariat met with Mr. Guan Yan, Deputy Director of International Cooperation Department of National Disaster Reduction Center of China, Ministry of Civil Affairs, P.R.China, Mr. Lei Zhang, Director at Jiangsu General Science Technology and delegates of researchers from National Disaster Red Centre of MEM China. The second meeting was arranged at the request of Dr. Mehmet Gulluoglu, Head of Disaster and Emergency Management Authority, Ministry of Interior, Turkey. At the delegates request the Secretariat hosted the two meetings on Friday 17 May. With China, the Secretariat discussed China's upcoming INSARAG External Classification and Reclassification of USAR teams and expressed its gratitude to the Chinese continuous commitment and support to the INSARAG Network. Furthermore, the meeting with AFAD's Head - Dr. Mehmet Gulluoglu was directed to the possible classification of the Turkish GEA team as Light. Dr. Gulluoglu stated that at this stage Turkey is focusing on the national capacity building and international classification will come at a later stage.

The representatives from both delegations expressed high interest in the regional activities and in supporting the INSARG Global Meeting in 2020.

Furthermore, at Malaysia’s request, the INSARAG Secretariat met the NADMA Deputy, Datuk Khairul Sharil Bin Idrus, on 16 May to discuss INSARAG National Accreditation Process and Malaysia’s USAR team upcoming IER.


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News from INSARAG Information Management Working Group

During the Modex exercise, the INSARAG Information Management Working Group was running a full operational test of a new dashboard system to display collected information which assists USAR teams in managing USAR coordination.

The system was used within Modex by the participants, within exercise control, and by the INSARAG Classification team. 

Attached minutes from the IM WG Meeting in Tinglev Untitled 1