On 3 February 2016, the INSARAG Steering Group meeting was opened by Ambassador Manuel Bessler, Global Chairman of INSARAG and Mr. Rudolf Müller, Director a.i. of OCHA Geneva.  The Global Chair summarised the key achievements of INSARAG in 2015, outlined the upcoming highlights for 2016 and reflected on issues to be further discussed in the upcoming sessions. 

The meeting was attended by 156 participants from 66 Member States and Organizations (see Annex B), including Regional Chairs and Vice-Chairs, Working Group Chairs, National Focal Points and representatives from classified teams, and participants from the Humanitarian Networks and Partnership Week (HNPW). Representatives from OCHA’s Regional Offices and OCHA’s Emergency Services Branch (ESB) also attended. The meeting was facilitated by OCHA’s Field Coordination Support Section in its capacity as INSARAG Secretariat. 

Chairman's Summary with Annex A - Agenda

Annex B - Participant list

Annex C1 - Concept Note - Capacity Building

Annex C2 - Concept Note - IER System

Annex C3 - Concept Note - International Light Teams

Annex C4 - Concept Note - Beyond the Rubble

Annex C5 - Concept Note - National USAR Team Accreditation_ENG

Annex C5 - Concept Note - National USAR Team Accreditation _SPA 

Humanitarian Networks Partnerships Week 2016 

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