The 2018 INSARAG Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting was held on 30 and 31 August in Tokyo, Japan to discuss INSARAG strategic and operational issues in the region. The meeting was generously hosted by the Government Japan and co-organized by JICA and OCHA as the INSARAG Secretariat.

The meeting brought together 74 senior heads and officials from national disaster management agencies from 21 countries and organisations. The Heads of OCHA ROAP and the Philippines also participated and led in consultations on the way forward for the AP region to further strengthen the INSARAG life-saving agenda in the region and strengthening the effectiveness and coordination of USAR response. To promote the inter-regional cooperation within the INSARAG family, share expertise, experience and best practices, the representatives of the AEME and Americas Regional Troikas took part in the meeting.

The annual meeting serves as a platform to harness the collective synergies and ideas on how to operationalize the key issues arising from the 2018 INSARAG Steering Group, in particular, the INSARAG Classification System with emphasis on the reclassification process; the Light Teams Quality Assurance Standards Process; the National Accreditation Process and the INSARAG Guidelines review for Version 2020.

Furthermore, the meeting aimed to develop recommendations to drive the agenda of the INSARAG Global Meeting 2020. 



INSARAG APmeeting GroupPhoto