The UCC course for Asia Pacific Region took place from 20 to 24 in Roturua, New Zealand with 25 participants from 6 countries (NZ, Australia, Italy, China, Singapore, NL)

The UCC Tot course in Rotorua had 3 goals.

  1. To train new trainers in the delivery of the UCC course
  2. Introduce the INSARAG Information Management System (IIMS) to the UCC methodology 
  3. To develop a proper Train the Trainer package for UC.

All three goals were met, with instructors and participants both enjoying learning new skills and making new friends.

The value of the international component in giving a wider view of the issues cannot be overstated, and the shared experiences add to the overall understanding and comprehension of the role of UCC.

Fantastic result and more opportunities to improve coordination skills and potential outcomes..

After all, Coordination Saves Lives.

NZ UCC GroupPhoto  NZ UCC Photo2