The 2019 INSARAG Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting took place on 15-16 August in Cairns, Australia, with a focus on INSARAG strategic and operational issues in the region. The meeting was generously hosted by the Government of Australia, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and co-organized by the United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). The Hon. Craig Crawford, the Queensland Minister for Fire and Emergency Services, Mr Lam Hen Huot, Vice President, National Committee for Disaster Management of the Kingdom of Cambodia and Mr Jamie Isbister, Australian Humanitarian Coordinator, attended the meeting. The Regional Meeting was co-facilitated by Australia and OCHA’s Emergency Response Section in its capacity as the INSARAG Secretariat. 

The meeting brought together 81 senior heads and officials from diplomatic authorities and national disaster management agencies from 15 countries and organizations. 

In preparation for the upcoming INSARAG Global Meeting (IGM) in Warsaw, Poland in 2020, Polish delegates took part in the Asia-Pacific Meeting, to promote and share global policy objectives, and to collect inputs to inform the IGM. Participants considered the three strategic priorities from the 2019 Steering Group meeting, focusing on enhancing preparedness activities and bolstering partnerships to inform the 2020-25 INSARAG Strategy, for IGM agreement in 2020. Under Australia’s leadership, the meeting sought to advance INSARAG strategic and operational priorities in the region, taking into account broader humanitarian reform efforts, particularly protection and localisation.

The meeting served as a platform to harness ideas on how to operationalize the key issues arising from the 2019 INSARAG Steering Group meeting. Particular areas of focus were: the INSARAG Classification System, with an emphasis on the International Assistance arrangements in sudden onset emergencies; institutionalization of the Ownership Model to the Regional Troikas; the INSARAG Global Meeting 2020; the INSARAG Guidelines Review 2020; the Training of IEC/R Mentors and Team Leaders; the implementation of new technologies (ESRI) and the First International Light Team Classification arrangements.


 Group Photo   Australia Podium Photo