From October 22nd to 25th, the military units for Civil Protection (FRA-2 and FRA-3) organized the first « USAR Coordination Cell » course in France. Reinforced by a Spanish officer from the « UME », the French trainers provided this training to 18 participants including 3 foreign officers from Tunisia (preparing IEC) and Morocco (preparing IER) and 3 fire officers representing the South (NAP FRA-A), Southeast (preparing NAP FRA-C) and Île-de-France (NAP FRA-B) defense zones. Following the INSARAG UCC guidelines, alternating didactic courses and practical exercises, this training, taught in French and in English, allowed these 18 managers to better understand the functioning of a RDC (Registration and Departure Center) and a UCC (USAR Coordination Cell), essential structures for the coordination of international relief teams deployed on very large-scale disasters.

UCC France Group Photo UCC France 2