13 experts coming from 6 countries attended to an international course in Hungary, focusing on electronic data collection in line with UN INSARAG guidelines. All the experts, who participated, were members of international rescue teams from Czech Republic, Germany, Israel, Qatar, Jordan and Romania. Mentors from the Hungarian HUNOR and HUSZÁR teams joined and helped the international experts.

The course was organized for the second time by the Disaster Management Directorate of Tolna County, Hungary. After the short theoretical training, the experts were use KoBo Toolbox on a training ground specially created for disaster management exercises, and later on near to the settlements of Kisújbánya and Óbánya.

On 6th September 2019 the 4-days theoretical and practical came to an end. The evaluation took place in the local Disaster Management Headquarters of Dombóvár, Hungary. It has been revealed that proper usage of devices and using DCT software can greatly reduce the time needed for damage assessment in a disaster affected extensive areas.

On the last day, certificates for completing the electronic data collection course were handed over for the participants by Col. Tamás Kiss, Head of Department of International Relations of the National Directorate General for Disaster Management, Hungary.

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