Dear INSARAG Focal Points,

Following the directions from the INSARAG Steering Group in February 2017, the Training and Kobo Working Groups have consulted extensively with the INSARAG regional network and Team Leaders group and have completed the task of adding USAR Coordination(UC) and Kobo requirements into the INSARAG methodology and IEC/R Checklist for 2018. While teams have already started training in this regard, they have to from 1 January 2018, be able to demonstrate the ability to incorporate the new methodologies. The main revisions are in Point 11 of the IEC/R checklist 2018 – “USAR Coordination Cell(UCC)-Sector Coordination Cell(SCC)-USAR Coordination and use of KOBO Toolbox”.

The meetings where the majority of you participated in, further requested a period of transition, before full implementation; the Secretariat having consulted with the regional and working group chairs in the various meetings, have decided that for teams taking their IEC/R from 1 January to 30 June 2018.

The current IEC/R checklist 2015 remains valid, while the 2018 checklist will be used alongside, by classifiers, but not taken into account in their final IEC/R result. Teams, however, have to demonstrate that they have or are taking steps to adopt and implement the new methodologies.

Teams are taking IEC/R from 1 July 2018, will all be classified based on the checklist 2018-attached.

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For KoBo:

Please contact your regional working group members or the Secretariat at, if you have further questions.


NEW CHECKLIST 2018 (english Version)(sPANISH VERSION)