The INSARAG Secretariat is a valued partner to the Crisis Response Journal and in recognition of this, the CRJ is offering 40% discount on a full hard copy subscription for all members of INSARAG teams around the world.

CRJ covers all aspects of preparedness, mitigation and response to natural and human-caused emergencies, including earthquake and building collapse response, as well as capacity building, planning, international partnerships and training.

The aim is to share knowledge and experience between humanitarian agencies, public-private organisations, medical establishments and frontline responders, providing a full information landscape to all those involved in rescue and prevention.

Click here to read CRJ’s in-depth interview with the INSARAG Secretary, and Chief of the Emergency Services Branch Jesper Lund earlier this year, and here to learn more about past articles, interviews and research.

All subscribers have access to more than 14 years of past content and can also receive each issue in digital format for reading on tablet or iPad.

CRJ actively welcomes blogs, articles and feedback on its website and editions. Get in touch with the editor here to help shape the journal and share experience with the global response and preparedness community.

To activate the subscription discount, visit CRJ’s subscribe page and use the code INS40 when prompted.

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