At the invitation of the Ministry of Emergency Management (MEM) China, the INSARAG Secretariat from RPS and ROAP Colleagues, Ms Kristen Knuston and Ms Wang Rui participated in a mega scale international USAR response INSARAG field exercise in Beijing. The exercise involved over 200 participants from 2 Chinese USAR Teams from the MEM who are preparing for the INSARAG External Classification(IEC) and Re-classification(IER) respectively.

Notable experts from the region including the United States, Australia and Singapore are supporting. The objective of the exercises were for the teams to demonstrate their operational deployment capability at the INSARAG Heavy Level, in accordance to the INSARAG Guidelines. The teams established the United Nations Reception and Departure Center(RDC) and the USAR Coordination Cell(UCC) and used the Virtual OSOCC based on international humanitarian coordination arrangements for major earthquake response.

China-OCHA Workshop on Cooperation with the International Humanitarian system The INSARAG Secretariat coordinated and supported a China-OCHA ROAP led a workshop for officials of the newly formed Ministry of Emergency Management. A total of 39 members from the Ministry of Emergency Management participated. The objective of the workshop was to share with members of the new ministry, the foundations of international humanitarian systems, and global and regional emergency response architecture. China, led by the Director General of the MEM, Mr Zhao Ming, shared on the new MEM system and their experiences in the recent Mozambique Cyclone Idai response.

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