From 8 December to 11 December 2022, the Cyprus Civil Defence Team(CYP-1) successfully completed the IEC and has been classified as a Light Urban Search and Recue Team. On behalf of the INSARAG community, the INSARAG Secretariat would like to express sincere congratulations!👏👏👏

The Heavy INSARAG External Reclassification (IER) of the Saudi Arabia Search and Rescue Team (SASART) – KSA-1 has been successfully completed. Congratulations!

The reclassification exercise of the Japan Disaster Relief (JDR) Team has been successfully completed. Congratulations!

On October 10- 12th 2022, 16 USAR Teams from the Africa, Europe and Middle East region participated in an Earthquake Response Exercise (ERE) which took place in Ankara, Türkiye. In the field part of the exercise, 279 search and rescue personnel from 32 institutions and organizations, 57 vehicles, and 6 search and rescue dogs are involved. 101 foreign disaster experts from 23 countries work in the desk department, in addition to AFAD personnel and the NGOs under their coordination.

At the invitation of the Secretariat of the WHO-Emergency Medical Team’s(EMT), RSB’s CMCoord(Zein Tayyeb), UNDAC(Peter Muller) and INSARAG(Winston Chang) unit heads were invited as panel speakers at the EMT Global Meeting 2022 in Armenia. Over 500 participants from 100 countries and organizations took part from 5-7 October. 

The event provided the EMT network an opportunity to define the milestones for a longer EMT strategy—EMT 2030. The main goal of the EMT 2030 strategy is to identify milestones that strengthen National EMT capacities as part of the global health emergency preparedness, response, and resilience (HEPR) architecture, very much in line with RSB/ERS’s  localisation agenda through strengthening community resilience to deal with sudden onset disasters. 

The interoperability of EMTs with CMCoord, UNDAC and INSARAG were presented and discussed. The collective synergies of all our networks working in harmony, in accordance to internationally recognised coordination arrangements, were once again reaffirmed in this meeting.