Completed work of the LTWG:

The document “Introduction LT” describes the concept of International Light Teams. At this moment the Guidelines text for the GRG has been assembled and rewritten on the Light concept and needs a final check to see if it is complete. The results will be shared with you before the coming summer holidays. 

The document “Quality Assurance explanations” describes the advice of the LTWG to the new QAWG. A PowerPoint presentation is added to clarify the text and to show how a classification process could be set up for International Light. And at the same time could be used for a discussion about the classification process for Medium and Heavy in the future in the attempt to reduce the amount of work to assure the existing quality.
The document “USAR scale” explains the differences between national, regional and international deployment of USAR teams and the need for the type of quality assurance. The LTWG thinks that this document will clarify the inter-linkage between International Light teams and existing systems National-, Neighbour assistance- and classified International Medium and Heavy teams. A PowerPoint “National Regional and International assistance scale”  is added to show the build-up of a large scale incident.
The document “LTWG Meeting Chairman summary Valabre” is a reflection of the work of the LTWG during the final meeting in France in April 2017.