On behalf of the Chilean National Fire Association (Bomberos de Chile), the Chilean Emergency National Office (ONEMI) within the Ministry of Interior and Public Security, together with the Emergency and Response Support Branch (ERSB) of OCHA Geneva, in its capacity as the INSARAG Secretariat, we are pleased to invite you to participate in the annual INSARAG Urban Search and Rescue Team Leaders(TL) Meeting and Working Group(WG) Meetings. 

The annual Team Leaders meeting will take place from 9 to 11 October 2019 in Santiago de Chile.

The Working Groups will meet as follows:

  1. Training Working Group: 6-8 October
  2. Medical Working Group: 6-8 October
  3. Information Management Working: 6-8 October
  4. Light Team Working Group: 6-8 October
  5. Guidelines Working Group: 6-8 October and 12-13 October. The co-chairs agreed to finalize the extensive feedback to come out of the meeting consultations.
  6. Americas Technical Support Group, 6-8 October

We seek your support to release the member of the Working Groups in your respective organizations to participate in both the Working Group meetings and the Team Leaders meeting.

This annual technical meeting is open to the global network of experienced Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) practitioners who respond to collapsed structure incidents domestically and internationally and whose input, advice and experience serve to improve the operational capabilities of international USAR response. These meetings provide a forum to discuss technical issues relating to operations and trainings, based on best practices based and lessons learned.

Participants are kindly requested to note the following:

  1. To organise their own travel arrangements and cover participation cost. An accommodation price for participants is negotiated by the Host country at the Best Western Premier Marina Las Condes, Santiago de Chile (see attachedadministrative note).
  2. Responsible for obtaining their own entry visas to Chile. The visa can be obtained from the Chile diplomatic consulates in your respective countries. You may find information on Chile embassies and consulates contact details at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website on the following link: https://chile.gob.cl/chile/blog/todos/tourist-visa
  3. Participants are requested toregister in Virtual OSOCC through following linkhttps://vosocc.unocha.org/Reg/6199_RegistrationFormTeamLeadersMeetingChile2019.html

and to please use the link provided by the hotel to reserve accommodations (https://forms.gle/yJuN9bUtJBroMATc6) by 14 August 2019.  For any question, please contact Ms. Lilian Magaña, (central.sno@bomberos.cl) and copy the INSARAG Secretariat (insarag@un.org).  All documentation, including administrative instructions, are also available in Virtual OSOCC, under “Meetings” 

  1. The meeting agenda will be shared closer to the date. 
  2. The participants are encouraged to arrive by 12:00 on Tuesday 8 October to participate in technical events led by the INSARAG Working Groups, however there will be a limited capacity. Concept note is attached for reference.

Should you require further information on this meeting, please do not hesitate to contact us.