INSARAG teams are expected to use a common system of work. This includes using Apps. Find the DRAFT forms to be used in the KoBo App.

To download the form one by one, click on the frame, to download the complete package, click on the KoBo icon.


USAR Operations
11 UCC/SCCUSAR Coordination and use of KOBO Toolbox Clarification Assessment Method Remarks Colour Mode
11.6   Does the USAR team have the ability to submit data to Kobo? The team should be using either paper forms or tablets to gather information and to submit to the Kobo platform.  
11.7   Are there assigned and trained personnel to submit information to Kobo? Personnel should understand the basics of the Kobo system and the significance of the information being gathered.  
11.8   Can UCC/SCC components of the team demonstrate the ability to analyse data submitted to Kobo? The team should be able to analyse collected information and be able to convert into plans ensuring the right level of resources are assigned. Use of mapping?  


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