INSARAG teams are expected to use a common system of work. This includes using common forms and information displays.

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UC Course Package:

The UC Package for trained UC instructors and for INSARAG teams to use for your own team training can be found at this link: UCC Package

UC IEC/R Checklist Item for 2018:

The IEC/R Checklist item for USAR Coordination as finalised in the Team Leader’s Meeting are:

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USAR Operations 
11 UCC/SCCUSAR Coordination and use of IMWG Toolbox  Clarification  Assessment Method  Remarks  Colour Mode 
11.1 Does the USAR team have a sufficient number of trained personnel to undertake UC activities? Team numbers should include a redundancy ratio of at least 2:1. They need to have completed the INSARAG accredited UC course.  
11.2 Does the USAR team have sufficient equipment to be able to operate a RDC/UCC/SCC? The RDC and UCC/SCC capability should demonstrate its ability to have a self-sustaining system as per annexe E of the USAR coordination manual.
11.3 Does the USAR team have the ability to establish and operate an RDC, UCC or SCC?  The team is the first team in-country and should have a minimum of 4 trained staff for a heavy and 2 trained staff for a medium team.
It is required to communicate directly with LEMA until the UCC is established. 
The focus is on USAR coordination, field assessment and liaison with local authorities (LEMA). For the purpose of the exercise, the USAR team must demonstrate that it can run its own Command and Control (C&C) and the UCC/SCC simultaneously.
The UCC/SCC can be established and operated out of the USAR team’s C&C tent, or in a separate location.
The team must demonstrate its ability to be self-sufficient and run the RDC and UCC/SCC functions during the exercise. This does not need to be simultaneous.
Setting up and operating the RDC and UCC/SCC must be evaluated during the exercise. 
11.4 Does the USAR team utilise INSARAG forms to manage coordination information? USAR Team: 
Fact Sheet 
Work Site Triage 
Work Site Report 
Victim Extrication 
Fact Sheet Summary 
Operations Management Tool
Incident / Sector Situation Report 
11.5 Does the USAR team ensure a representative is present at the UCC/SCC during USAR coordination meetings? The teams representative attending these meetings must be authorised to comment on the teams' operational activities and be in a position to make decisions on behalf of the team.
11.6 Does the USAR team have the ability to submit data to IMWG? The team should be using either paper forms or tablets to gather information and to submit to the IMWG platform. 
11.7 Are there assigned and trained personnel to submit information to IMWG? Personnel should understand the basics of the IMWG system and the significance of the information being gathered.
11.8 Can UCC/SCC components of the team demonstrate the ability to analyse data submitted to IMWG? The team should be able to analyse collected information and be able to convert into plans ensuring the right level of resources are assigned.
Use of mapping?





Team forms:

Name Pdf version Excel version Word version
Team Fact Sheet Download Download N/A
Worksite triage form Download Download N/A
Worksite Report form Download Download N/A
Victim Extrication form Download Download N/A
Demobilisation form Download Download N/A


Coordination tool:

Name Pdf version Excel version Word version
Team Fact Sheet summary Download Download N/A
Wide area assessment Download Download N/A
Sector Assessment Download Download N/A
RDC Briefing Download Download N/A
Worksite assignment Download Download N/A
Operations Management Tool Download Download N/A
Incident/Sector Situation Report  Download Download N/A
Affected area information Download Download N/A
Olympic Codes Download Download N/A
OSOCC/LEMA briefing Download Download N/A
RDC Handout Download Download N/A
OSOCC Planning Guideline Download Download N/A
Meeting Agenda Guideline Download Download N/A
Assignment Briefing Download Download N/A


Coordination wall displays:

Name Pdf version Excel version Word version
Weather forecast Download N/A Download
Safety and security Download N/A Download
Infrastructure status Download N/A Download
Information sources Download N/A Download
Host government information Download N/A Download
Local facilities Download N/A Download
Reporting schedule Download N/A Download
Briefing schedule Download N/A Download
Key contacts and locations Download N/A Download
Current situation Download N/A Download
Organogram – large Download N/A Download
Organogram – small Download N/A Download
Incoming USAR teams Download N/A Download
Incoming medical teams Download N/A Download
Incoming relief teams Download N/A Download
Airport information Download N/A Download
Incident overview Download N/A Download
Sector overview Download N/A Download
Humanitarian impact Download N/A Download
Victim handling Download N/A Download
Meeting minutes Download N/A Download
Logistics available Download N/A Download
Logistics requests Download N/A Download
Resource tracking (internal) Download N/A Download
Outstanding issues Download N/A Download
Coordination staff information Download N/A Download


Other documents:

Name PDF version Excel version Word version
Briefing Checklist                    Download  Download  N/A
Virtual OSOCC Manual Download  N/A  N/A
Guide USAR Download  N/A  N/A


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