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The IEC/IER Handbook provides guidance to teams aiming to achieve INSARAG External Classification (IEC) or aim to renew their IEC through an INSARAG External Reclassification (IER) process. It describes these two processes that form the INSARAG Classification System. It furthermore provides guidance for peer reviewers on how to conduct an IEC/IER. 

IEC/IER Handbook 2012 Version (Russian)

IEC/IER Handbook 2012 Version (English) 


List of Annexes 

Annex A — IEC-IER Checklist 2013

Annex B — Directory of International SAR Teams

Annex C — 1-8 TORPS

Annex D — IEC-IER Classifiers Application Form

Annex E — IEC-IERMentors Application Form

Annex F — IEC Two-year Planning Timeline

Annex G — IEC Application Phase 1

Annex H — IEC/IER Mentors Assessment Report

Annex I — IEC-IER Application Phase 2

Annex J — IEC/IER Report Template

Annex K — IER Two-year Planning Timeline


The following documents explain the phases of the IEC and IER process:

IEC Process 

IER Process 

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