Following lessons identified from the urban search and rescue response to the Padang earthquake (2009) and the Haiti earthquake (2010), INSARAG has discussed to establish a technical working group looking into operational sides of coordinating urban search and rescue. In the INSARAG Steering Group Meeting, June 2010 , it was decided that an INSARAG working group should be established to further develop these aspects based on the recommendations from the INSARAG Haiti Earthquake After Action Review Meeting of June 2010 and INSARAG Team Leaders Meeting of March 2010. Therefore, the INSARAG Operations Working Group (OWG) was established in 2011 with the endorsement of INSARAG Steering Group.

This newly established working group is a project-based temporary inter-regional working group with specific targets and timelines as described at itsTerms of Reference . The inputs from the INSARAG regional groups are received through its participants in the working group. The groups is composed of a chair, two representatives from each INSARAG regional group and a representative of INSARAG. The group meets two to three times a year. The reports of this working group’s meetings can be found below.


Chair of OWG:

Mr. David Norlin