INSARAG Guidelines

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The Guidelines consists of three volumes:

Volume I: Policy,

Volume II: Preparedness and Response (Manual A: Capacity Building, Manual B: Operations, and Manual C: IEC/Rs Guide),

and Volume III: Operational Field Guide.

The INSARAG Steering Group unanimously endorsed the new INSARAG Guidelines 2015, and the new Guidelines is put into effect as of 11 February 2015.

Kindly Note that IEC/Rs taking place after 1 April 2015 will be based on the IEC/R Checklist 2015 found in Volume II, Manual C - IEC/R Process.

Member states welcomed the new Guidelines, and will take full Ownership. They expressed their interest to translate the Guidelines into other languages such as Arabic (UAE), Chinese (China), French (France), German (Germany), Hebrew (Israel), Japanese (Japan), Russian (Russia and Belarus), Spanish (Colombia), and Turkish (Turkey).

New INSARAG Guidelines 2015 (v.15.06.2015)

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The INSARAG Secretariat welcomes Member States and donors to professionally translate the guidelines into as many languages as possible, for wider outreach.

In the interim, below are some of the translated INSARAG Guidelines of the earlier version:


INSARAG Guidelines 2012 Version (English)

The INSARAG Guidelines are available in different languages. Below are some of the translated INSARAG Guidelines in different languages. Please note that the accuracy of the translations is in the responsibility of the organisations that provide it.