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INSARAG Regional KoBo Toolbox Course in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia on 2-5 July 2018

EMERCOM of Russia hosted an INSARAG Regional KoBo Toolbox Course in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia on 2-5 July 2018. The course co-facilitated by the INSARAG KoBo-IM Working Group, OCHA Emergency Response Support Branch and Siberian Search and Rescue Team brought together 18 participants from five INSARAG Classified SAR teams of Armenia, Belarus and Russia to strengthen their knowledge in the use of KoBo Toolbox. The learning methods applied in the course included presentations, briefings and group discussions. The training activity concluded with a simulation exercise giving participants an excellent opportunity to practice their skills in a simulated environment. Special thanks go to the lead facilitators, Peter Wolff and Martijn Boer for their efforts and dedication to make this course a success

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Invitation United Nations Humanitaian Civil-Military Coordination (UN-CMCoord) Course for Europe, Reichenau, Austria, 22-27 April 2018

United Nations Humanitarian Civil-Military Coordination (UN-CMCoord) Course for Europe

Jesolo, Italy, 17-21 March 2019

Applicants must complete the UN-CMCoord eCourse at  before applying for this UN-CMCoord course. They can choose to obtain a certificate for either “Chapter 5: Working in Natural Disasters” or “Chapter 6: Working in Complex Emergencies”. Applications, which do not meet this requirement, will not be considered in the selection process.

More information are also available on our webpage at

BSAFE - New Security Training

The United Nations Security Management System has released BSAFE, the new online security awareness training course.

BSAFE replaces the two existing courses, Basic Security in the Field (BSITF) and Advanced Security in the Field (ASITF).

BSAFE can be completed within one hour, is mobile friendly and you only have to be completed once.

BSAFE has been released in English and French and will be released in the other UN official languages by early 2019.

The BSAFE course is now available through

We encourage the INSARAG IEC Teams to take on this new online Security Awareness Training.

Happy Learning!


INSARAG Training Working Group Meeting in Berlin, Germany

Working Group Meeting, Germany, December 2018

 The INSARAG Training Working Group, including representatives from the Team Leaders and Information Management Working Group met in Berlin from the 10th to the 13th of December 2018. The Group were hosted by Albrecht Broemme, President of THW, at the Regional THW Office in Berlin, and key agenda items for the meeting included; The development of the INSARAG Classification Team Leaders and Mentors Training Course, The continued development of USAR Coordination Course and harmonisation with OSOCC methodology, and Revision of INSARAG Guidelines Volume II, Manual C,

.Photo TWG Meeting Germany Dec2018

ICCROM Releases new online, free to download resource on cultural heritage rescue


Enclosed is the link to recently released two-part interactive resource on cultural heritage first aid. Created for the various actors involved in an emergency, it provides a practical method and a set of ready-to-use tools for securing endangered cultural heritage, both tangible and intangible. The user-friendly workflows help readers to plan and implement coordinated cultural rescue and risk reduction operations that involve local communities, heritage custodians, emergency responders, and humanitarians. The resource has multiple uses: it will help to improve emergency preparedness within cultural heritage institutions, serve as a reference to train others, and act as a guide for planning and implementing coordinated cultural heritage first aid.

Visit :

Link to Launch Folder which has the books, promotional images, and an introductory text.