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INSARAG First responder Training in Iraq 2019

On behalf of the German Development Ministry THW is supporting the Iraq Government in the implementation of the INSARAG First responder Training in Iraq. The first two training sessions with 42 master trainers from both regions of Iraq happened in July and August 2019 in the THW USAR training base Wesel. In the following months the local authorities will start to build up training centers and arrange all admin and procurement work for the next part of the project:  The trainers from THW will do another ToT in March 2020 in Erbil (Northern Iraq) and support the Iraqi trainer colleagues in their first own local training as supervisors in April 2020 in Northern Iraq.







INSARAG Meeting with RoboCup

This last Monday (3 September), the INSARAG team has received in the Palais of Nations four members from the RoboCup Federation:  Farshid Faraji (Iran), Luiz Nardin (Germany), Seyed Modaresi (France) and Shima Mirfattahi (Iran). The Federation is a global organization that has the goal of promoting robotics and AI research, and, in the last few years, has been focusing on to create new technologies that can change the future of urban search and rescue operations. For instance, virtual disasters simulations based on cities’ footprints and real data that can be used by INSARAG and partners in the future to enhance capacity plans and coordination during emergencies.

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INSARAG Training Working Group Workshop in Oman

The INSARAG TWG conducted a workshop in Oman, hosted by its Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance. The TWG was joined by representatives of the IMWG and GRG, and focused its work on revisions to the INSARAG Classification System (and Checklists), and the INSARAG Team Leader and Mentor Training Program. 

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ECOSOC HAS fair from 24 to 26 June 2019, in Geneva, Switzerland

During the ECOSOC HAS fair from 24 to 26 June, INSARAG and UNDAC had the exhibit booth "Strengthening the Effectiveness of International Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) coordination".   The booth was running by the Chair of INSARAG Information Management Working Group as well as by members and friends of both INSARAG and UNDAC.

The ASG of OCHA, Director of the Coordination Division, Chief of the Emergency Response Support Branch, Head of the Emergency Response Section as well as the Prime Minister were hosted among others at the booth during the event.

Peter Wolff and Ramesh ICELANDIC PM at the booth 5 Icelandic PM 11






Guidelines Review Group Meeting, Singapore 12-14 June 2019

The INSARAG Guidelines Review Group(GRG) Meeting hosted by the Co-Chair, Singapore, is taking place this week with 15 expert participants from 11 countries representing the Americas, Africa, Europe, the Middle-East, and the Asia-Pacific regional groups. The INSARAG Steering Group as directed the GRG to conduct the 5 yearly extensive review and consultations with the global network for a version 2020-25, and to be launched at the 30th Anniversary of INSARAG in Warsaw, Poland in October 2020.

The INSARAG Guidelines are the cornerstone of the globally accepted global standards as endorsed by UN GA 57/150 of 16 December 2002 and guides member countries on urban seach and rescue(USAR) preparedness and response arrangements.  

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