INSARAG es una red mundial de más de 90 países y organizaciones bajo la sombrilla de las Naciones Unidas. INSARAG se encarga de temas relacionados con búsqueda y rescate urbano (USAR) con el objetivo de establecer normas internacionales mínimas para los equipos USAR y una metodología para la coordinación internacional de respuesta ante terremotos. Estas normas y metodologías se basan en las Guías de INSARAG, aprobadas por la Asamblea General de las Naciones Unidas en su Resolución 57/150 del 2002, sobre el «Fortalecimiento de la Eficacia y de la Coordinación de la Asistencia Internacional a las Operaciones de Búsqueda y Rescate en Zonas Urbanas».

The INSARAG Steering Group Meeting 2022

The INSARAG Steering Group Meeting was held on Tuesday 10th May 2022 and chaired by the INSARAG Global Chair, Ambassador Manuel Bessler. We thank 187 global INSARAG family members for joining us and making it a huge success.

IEC/R Review WG Co-Chairs Visiting INSARAG NEW Premise in Geneva

INSARAG Team Leaders Meeting and Technical Working Group Meeting

The INSARAG Team Leaders Meeting and Technical Working Group Meeting were successfully held in Doha, Qatar from 7 to 11 March 2022. We would like to express our deepest appreciation for the warm hospitality provided by Qatar and the extraordinary contributions by our participants from over 40 countries.

INSARAG Annual Snapshot 2021

The Hybrid HNPW is coming in May!

INSARAG First Responder Training in Iraq 2021

INSIEME 2021: first triple IEC/R

Chairperson's Summary of the 3rd INSARAG Global Meeting

IEC Medium classification of the Far Eastern Regional Search and Rescue Team of EMERCOM of Russia (RUS – 03)

Link to recording of the ISG

UC Course in Russia (April 2021)

Flyer HNPW 2021

National Accreditation FRA 12 Chambery 25-28 January 2021

ICMS Session for AEME 21 Jan 21

AAR Beirut Port Explosions

Deployment FRA-2 Beirut

Training Working Group (TWG) meeting online

INSARAG 30th anniversary

ICMS Training via an INTERNET WebEx

Note From IMWG:

We are all facing a situation that we only know from exercises or films. Even I could never have imagined that we were on...

IEC:R Training Course for Team Leaders, Mentors and INSARAG Secretariat Representatives

INSARAG IEC/R Team Leaders, Mentors and Secretariat Representative Training was conducted at the Sultanate of Oman Public Authority for Civil Defense...

INSARAG Working Groups Chairs ISG 2020

Turkey Earthquake 24 January 2020

On Friday 24 January at 17:55h UTC (20:55 local time), an earthquake magnitude M6.7, 10 depth, has stricken Turkey with epicenter in...

French PUI Team Response to Floods in Djibouti

IEC Medium Indonesia Rescue Team (INASAR)

The Indonesian Rescue Medium Team has successfully undergone an intensive field exercise as per the External Classification of USAR Team under the...


A word from our INSARAG Global Chairman

In light of the unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic that affects all of us, the INSARAG network will have to jointly adopt a high degree of flexibility in order to adapt to this evolutive situation. Implementing a flexible approach in facing modern humanitarian crises, as discussed during the INSARAG 2020 Steering Group meeting, would enable the network to continue providing high quality assistance in emergency preparedness and response, to the people we serve.

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Ambassador Manuel Bessler

INSARAG Chairman