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Task specific ad-hoc working groups of INSARAG may be established from time to time at the request of the INSARAG Steering Group, the Regional Groups or urban search and rescue team leaders with the endorsement of the INSARAG Steering Group. These groups are staffed with personnel who have the relevant experience and qualifications to address the issues under discussion and include a representative from the INSARAG Secretariat. The purpose of these working groups is to develop solutions to specific issues identified by the requesting party.  Depending on their annual work plan, the working groups may meet two to three times a year. These meetings are only open to the members of that working group. The deliverable’s of these working groups are shared with the entire INSARAG community. Once these deliverable’s are endorsed by the Steering Group, they may be added to the INSARAG Guidelines or the INSARAG Technical Guidance Notes. On completion of the task, the working groups disband. As of 2012, there are three INSARAG working groups; namely Training Working Group, Operations Working Group and Medical Working Group.