Membership with INSARAG is open to all countries and /or organisations involved in Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) activities. Countries that are interested in joining the INSARAG network are requested to identify an INSARAG national focal point that acts as interface with the INSARAG Regional Group and the INSARAG Secretariat. Organizations wishing to apply for INSARAG membership can do so by addressing an official request to the INSARAG Secretariat through their respective INSARAG National Focal Points with the USAR team profile form. Organisations from countries that already have a national INSARAG focal point are encouraged to express interest through this focal point. In cases where a national focal point is not designated, organisations may make contact with the INSARAG Secretariat directly. 

INSARAG members are part of a worldwide knowledge-sharing network on collapsed structure rescue and operational field coordination. They are invited to annual meetings of the relevant INSARAG Regional Group, USAR Team Leaders and to participate in INSARAG working groups.  Furthermore, members have access to INSARAG’s information and knowledge-sharing tools, through the “Virtual OSOCC” (Virtual On-Site Operations Coordination Centre) and the Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System (GDACS) on the internet, which provide alert notification in the event of a sudden-onset disaster and real-time information updates and coordination during ongoing disasters. Responsibilities attached to the INSARAG membership can be found in the INSARAG Guidelines.

While USAR teams deploying internationally are strongly recommended to undergo the INSARAG External Classification (IEC), this is not a requirement for membership to the INSARAG as IEC is a voluntary process (Please refer to the IEC page for further information). Countries with no USAR capacity who expect to receive USAR assistance if required or who build up local USAR capacity are as welcome to become INSARAG members.