Sub-WG A Global Position composed of 2 Co-Chair and 16 members, will develop a global INSARAG position on Flexible (Operational) Response, based on the drafted Regional Position Papers on this topic in 2020. The scope of the global position on Flexible Response can also encompass the response beyond collapsed structures and earthquakes, as some regions have already implemented this successfully.

Sub-WG Co Chairs

Thomas ZeiterSwitzerlandEurope (AEME)Sub-WG A
Co Chair
Otty RusinarsetyoIndonesiaAsia-PacificSub-WG A
Co Chair
Haruka EzakiAsia-PacificINSARAG Secretariat

Meeting Summaries:

Key Documents

Draft ToR – Flexible Response WG, available on this LINK

Annex C: Draft FRWG Timeline