Since 2015, the INSARAG Guidelines explicitly encourage member states to establish a national accreditation process that is developed, adapted, and framed in the member state’s own reality and recommends using the INSARAG Guidelines as reference. In fact, for several years a growing number of member states have been developing their national process using the INSARAG Guidelines as a reference. In addition, the 2020 INSARAG Guidelines encourage the member states to go even a step further by requesting the INSARAG Recognized National Accreditation Process (IRNAP), which certifies that the USAR system in the member state is completely in accordance with the INSARAG Guidelines methodology.

Annex a: IRNAP Guidance Note 2022 – Link

The member states that are recognized since 2017 are listed below:

Date Member States RG
1 June 2017 France AEME
2 November 2017 Turkey AEME
3 November 2018 Colombia Americas
4 December 2018 Guatemala Americas
5 June 2022 Chile Americas
6 June 2022 Cyprus AEME
7 October 2022 Singapore AP