Annexes to Volume II, Manual C – INSARAG External Classification and Reclassification

This section contains the annexes which complements the content outlined in Volume II, Manual C.

For the full list of annexes, forms and supporting documents hosted in, USAR Teams are encouraged to refer to the Annex D of INSARAG Guidelines Volume II Manual C 

S/N Item Download Link
1 Annex D2Directory of Classified USAR Teams Link
2 Annex D3 – IEC-R Classifier Application Link
3 Annex D4 – IEC-R Mentor Application Link
4 Annex D5 – IEC application Phase 1 Abbreviated Portfolio of Evidence (A-POE) Link
5 Annex D6 – IEC-R Mentors Assessment Report Link
6 Annex D7 – IEC application Phase 2 Comprehensive Portfolio of Evidence (C-POE) Link
7 Annex D8 – IEC-R Report Template  Link
8 Annex D9 – Pre-IEC-R Self-Assessment Checklist Link