Regional Chair – Indonesia Incoming Chair – South Korea Outgoing Chair  – Singapore
Brigadier General Ivan Ahmad Rizki Titus 

Mr. Kim Il Soo

Mr. Eric Yap
Planning Director. National Search and Rescue Agency
of the Republic of Indonesia
Director General
119 Rescue & EMS Bureau of the Korean
National Fire Agency 

Commissioner  Singapore Civil

Defence Force 
Additional contact person Additional contact person Additional contact person

 Mr. Yopi Haryadi  

Ms. Jeong Hee Jin

Section Chief, CBRN Response & Int’l Rescue Operations
Korean National Fire Agency




The contact details of focal points from countries and organizations of the Regional Group can be found in the INSARAG Directory. Those countries that do not appear in the Directory have not informed the Secretariat of the designation of their INSARAG focal points. Please contact the INSARAG Secretariat at:

Emergency Response Section – Response Support Branch
United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Tel: +41 22 917 3484