Sub-WG C Response to Cultural Heritage composed of 2 Co-Chairs and 9 members, will review the draft UNESCO Guidelines on Response to Cultural Heritage and draft an INSARAG Technical Guidance Note on “INSARAG’s Response to Cultural Heritage Sites”.

Sub-WG Co Chairs

Jing WangChinaAsia-PacificSub-WG C
Co Chair
Co Chair
Clement Herbert KalongaAEMEINSARAG Secretariat

2023 Updates:

Urban Search and Rescue at Heritage Sites Version 9.0 – 31 March 2023

2022 Updates:

Presentation by Sub-WG Urban Search & Rescue at Heritage Sites at HNPW 2022 Link

Key Documents:

Draft ToR – Flexible Response WG, available on this LINK.

Annex B: Draft UNESCO Field Guidelines for USAR at Heritage Sites

Annex C: Draft FRWG Timeline