Forms to Volume II, Manual B

This section contains the forms which complements the content outlined in Volume II, Manual B.

For the full list of annexes, forms and supporting documents hosted in, USAR Teams are encouraged to refer to Annex B in the INSARAG Guidelines Volume II, Manual B

S/N Item Download Link POC
1 Annex B5 , Form 1 – USAR Team Fact Sheet Form & Demobilisation Link GRG
2 Annex B5, Form 2 – Worksite Triage Form Link GRG
3 Annex B5, Form 3 – Worksite Report Form Link GRG
4 Annex B5, Form 4 – Victim Extrication Form Link GRG
5 Annex B5, Form 5 – Incident-Sector Situation Report Form Link GRG
6 Annex B5, Form 6 – Humanitarian Needs Identification Form Link GRG
7 Annex B5, Form 7 – Patient Treatment Form Link GRG