Starting in 2022, the INSARAG Secretariat has assigned a Representative to each Working Group, to provide support and assistance when needed. The table below outlines who, from the Secretariat, will be supporting each Working Group, including their contact details.

Working GroupWG Co-Chair/ChairSecretariat Representative and SupportKey Tasks
Transitional Guidelines Review Working Group​David Lewis – Australia   Martin Evers – Netherlands  martin.evers@vrh.nlWinston Chang – Geneva Changw@un.org1. Custodian for the Guidelines, Compile feedback and new suggestions;

2. Ensure Linkages of the new Revisions V2.0  to the next GRG to commence in 2023 and next revision launched in 2025.
IEC/R Working GroupAnnika Coll – Spain   Dewey Perks – USA  dperks@usaid.govStefania Trassari – Geneva   (Marie Mure (Geneva) roster planning) mure@un.org1. Review the IEC/R 2020 CV and Roster of Classifiers;

2. Propose a revised IEC/R 2022 Checklist, with pandemic response considerations.
Information Management Working GroupPeter Wolff – Germany   Jeff Maunder – New Zealand  Jeff.maunder@fireandemergency.nzJose Maria Garcia – Geneva    Lucien Jaggi – Geneva jaggi@un.org1. ICMS Training, and Operations Support;

2. Setting up the Dashboard and systems for new teams.

JM: Multi-year funding arrangements with Donor Relations, safekeeping of the licenses, and for auditing purposes.
Light Team Working GroupBrad Commens – Australia   Rob Davis – UK Trassari – Geneva trassari@un.org1. Review lessons from the first Light IEC (@Fire);

2. Recommend revisions for the IEC/R checklist, arrangements for Light Teams.
Medical Working GroupDr. Anthony Macintyre – USA  macintyr@email.gwu.eduClement Kalonga -Nairobi   clement.kalonga@un.org1. Support the review and development of technical Medical resources and guidelines /guidance documents.\;

2.  Engagements with WHO EMT
National Accreditation Working GroupChen Hong – China   Sebastian Mocarquer – Chile  smocarquer@bomberos.clHaruka Ezaki – Bangkok  Haruka.ezaki@un.org1. Recommend a revised NAP/IRNAP Manual V2.0 ( for ISG 2022 endorsement);

2. Develop the training package for the TSG/TRG
Training Working GroupTsukasa Katsube-Japan

Dewey Perks – USA

Lucien Jaggi – Geneva
1. Recommend and develop INSARAG Training Needs;

2. Review of the First Responders Program V2.0 ( for ISG 2022 endorsement);

3. Review of the UC Manual V2.0( for ISG 2022 endorsement)
Flexible Response  Working GroupPaolo Vaccari – Italy   Paul Baxter – Australia Chang – Geneva Changw@un.org1. Overall Strategic Guidance to the 3 Sub WG, and a focus on the Global Position on Flexible Response that INSARAG will take on.
Global PositionThomas Zeiter – Switzerland   Otty Rusinarsetyo – Indonesia Ezaki – Bangkok  Haruka.ezaki@un.org1. Response and Services beyond USAR – Earthquake and Collapse structures. YES or NO or Tailored to Regional needs/Team capabilities.
DACCSolveig Thorvaldsdottir – Iceland   Mark Scorer – UK/SARAID Maria Rebaza – Panama rebaza@un.org1. Development of the DACC Manual, and linkages with Clusters, UNDAC.
Response to Cultural Heritage​Jing Wang – China   Aparna Tandon – ICCROM, UNESCO  aparna.tandon1@gmail.comClement Kalonga – Nairobi  clement.kalonga@un.org1. Development of the Response to Cultural Heritage Manual/ Technical Guidance document and linkages with UNESCO.