The INSARAG IEC/R Leadership course was held in Vooburg, the Netherlands, from 5 to 8 June 2023, hosted by the USAR NL. Team. This was the fourth course, followed by 2020 in Oman, 2014 in Abu Dhabi, and 2012 in Winchester, UK. The purpose of the course is to share an extensive knowledge of IEC/R for those who intend to take roles of leadership positions, including Team Leader and Deputy Team Leader of Classifiers, Mentors, and the INSARAG Secretariat.
The course was facilitated by INSARAG Training Working Group members with experts, and together, 19 participants attended the course from all over the world.
The four-day course focused on the Roles and Responsibilities of each leadership position, Negotiation Skills, Design of Exercise, Checklist and POE, Exercise Site Analysis, and so on by exchanging knowledge and experience of participants and facilitators.

Thank you very much to the participants, the facilitators, and especially to the USAR.NL for hosting the course.