Please find attached  the 4 ICMS Handbooks  (Excon, RDC, Team and UCC guides) in English and Italian through the following link:


 Note From IMWG

We are all facing a situation that we only know from exercises or films. Even I could never have imagined that we were on the way to a complete shutdown in Germany.

Assuming that there will be no Face to Face meeting in 2020 we look for alternatives.

In order to prepare for any upcoming USAR Mission, IMWG has started to distribute the ICMS user licenses to the teams during the past few weeks.

Over 80% of the teams have received access to their ICMS training accounts already. In addition, we published the ICMS Handbooks as well.

Now we need to start training sessions on the new system. An earthquake can happen at any time, as we have seen during the past weeks.

With thanks, we have already received the “COVID-19 USAR OPERATIONAL GUIDANCE NOTE”.

IMWG would like to take the next step and offer training on ICMS via an INTERNET “MS Teams”. We thought we would split it into two parts.

1.) The Basics (Team related approx..3 hours)

            Short pptx, 30 minutes max.

            Life demo how to install and set up the apps (Survey123 and ESRI Explorer)

            Collecting data via different devices (Smartphone, Tablet, Laptops, PC)

            The “Dashboard”

            Q&A session


2.) Advanced (More related to RDC and UCC members, approx. 2 hours)

            Sectorization, Event Boarder

The Dashboard in more details

            Tasking of teams

            Q&A session

We did already successfully a first training with the staff of ERS via “MS Teams”

The first IMWG ICMS training will be organized the Week after Easter. The exact date will soon be published at 

We are open to requests and suggestions.





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