The documents in this Technical Reference Library section are After Action Review Reports by INSARAG classified Teams that had undergone INSARAG External Classification or INSARAG External Reclassification. They include Best Practices by USAR teams. These reports should be viewed as Reference Materials. For more information on the TRL, click on this link

Document Submission

To upload a document, submit the document and details of the document, using the document submission form – links the reader to the “Document Submission Form for TRL” and email to the INSARAG Secretariat via For more information on the upload process and workflow, please refer to the following link.

S/N Title Description Download Link POC
1 Title of document Link Name of team, Working Group
2 EU MODEX Handbook 2.1 EU MODEX Handbook 2.1
3 Link
4 Link
5 Link